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Shanghai Bright & Young Law Firm is incorporated according to the Lawyers Law upon the approval of Shanghai Justice Administration as a comprehensive law firm consisting of a number of partners and one of the most vigorous law firms with the great potentialities in Shanghai. BYLF operates under the principle of “promoting the cooperation and development through the wide scope of service like the ocean embraces streams to its tide” to make it one of the best law firms in Shanghai.


The lawyers of this firm have received the good education in the law schools and accumulated rich experience in the work. Each of them has a professional specialty in the legal service sector. Meanwhile, BYLF always believes that cooperation will promote the development and achieve the win-win; we organize the seminars and regular meetings from time to time to communicate and exchange the views over some complicated cases. The close relation between the law firm and the lawyers and the cooperation between the lawyers provides the convenience and support to the mutual development of the law firm and lawyers.


Under the innovative and optimal management mode, BYLF is jointly managed by the partners and lawyers through the management committee of the law firm to emphasize the role and function of the associate lawyers in this law firm who are entitled to the equal or even better remuneration.


The professional legal service provided by BYLF and the professional dedication spirit of the lawyers is highly recognized by the clients at home and abroad. The business scope of the law firm has extended to the litigation and non-litigation legal service of the real estate industry, construction industry, foreign investment, international trade, finance, securities and insurance, corporate legal service, acquisition and merger, intellectual property, labor law, tax planning, logistics, traditional civil and commercial affairs, criminal defense etc.


BYLF has the legal service department of criminal cases, legal service department of the foreign-related affairs, legal service department of employment and HR management, legal service department of marriage and family, legal service department of finance, securities and insurance, legal service department of intellectual property, legal service department of traditional civil and commercial affairs, legal service department of real estate business, corporate legal service department and business research department to enhance the cooperation between the lawyers and enrich the experience in all kinds of cases.


BYLF attracts and absorbs the lawyers with different background like the ocean embraces the streams to its tide to improve the talent structure of this law firm. With the similar development concept and culture, more and more excellent partners are introduced to this law firm and the various cooperation and development modes are adopted in the firm. The newly recruited lawyers are entitled to same treatment as the lawyers who have been working in the law firm for a long time.


BYLF grows rapidly and steadily since its establishment. We are trying to improve the service quality and explore the new business fields to provide more professional and comprehensive legal service to the clients at home and abroad.


Tel/Fax: +86 021 34605189

Email:[email protected]

Address: Room 2305, Shengai Building,No.88 North Cao Xi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Zip Code: 200030


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